Layne Engineering, Inc. offers professional mechanical, engineering and consulting services in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and throughout the state. As a Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University and over 25 years in the mechanical design and engineering field, Layne Blavier, P.E. can solve any and all of your engineering problems.

Layne Engineering provides expert technical consulting services based on extensive mechanical engineering experience including design, modeling, and the testing of a wide range of mechanical systems and components.

Mr. Blavier’s breadth of experience covers a broad spectrum of the Engineering field including machinery and mechanism design, structural steel skid design, piping systems, sheet metal, machine guarding, rotating machinery, and pressure as well as non-pressure vessels.

In addition to mechanical and engineering services, Layne Engineering, Inc. also provides expert forensic investigation services. While we work with both sides of the legal system, much of our work is for lawyers, insurance companies and worker’s compensation claims. Whether you need forensic evidence of a mechanical failure or proof that a machine was working as designed, Layne can assist you in any and all of your forensic needs.

At Layne Engineering, Inc. all work is performed exclusively by Layne Blavier and, of course, customer satisfaction is always the number one priority. Contact Layne Blavier, P.E. today and allow your projects to become both productive and financially successful.

For more detailed information about Mr. Layne Blavier, P.E, please click here to download his CV.

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